Why would you ever analyze the mighty equity in your home?

Why analyze your wealth? Most of the wealthiest people in the world use Real Estate to build wealth. You know, the ones you see on TikTok driving the Lamborghini or in the fancy yhat? Well, they’re always analyzing their wealth and continuing to accumulate more. So, why wouldn’t you want to do the same. You know, follow the leader and get what you want out of life!

Did you know that if you own a home you have most likely made more money in equity than you could have made in the stock market, crypto currency, or just about any other investment?

What I’m saying is your home has appreciated in value more in the last couple years than a typical investment. I’m not saying you can’t make a lot of money with stocks and crypto, because you can, but what I am saying is your home is making you even more money.

Do You Know How Much Equity You Have in Your Home?

Do You Know How Much Equity You Have in Your Home? [INFOGRAPHIC] | MyKCM

How to Cash In on your Equity

There are several ways to cash in on the equity of your home. Here are a few ways to cash in on that equity.

  • Sell – The first and obvious way to cash in on anything including your equity is to sell the house or what investors call your asset.
  • Refinance The Property – Depending on your situation and the current mortgage rates, you do have the ability to refinance the property and pull money from your equity.
  • Line of Credit – Different from a Refinance you may have the ability to receive money from the equity within your home and use the money to invest or simply spend.
  • Diversify – If you’re an investor you may want to sell the property and 1031 the funds.

Some Highlights

  • If you’re a homeowner, your net worth has gotten a big boost. That’s because recent home price appreciation has increased your equity.
  • Your equity grows as you pay down your loan and as your home increases in value. Over the past year, the average homeowner’s equity grew by $55,300.
  • Ready to sell? Let’s connect to talk about how you can use that equity to fuel your next move.

How Much Money has your Home Made for You?

With the National Average showing $53,000 in the last year, I can tell you that Real Estate is regional and localized. Meaning some areas have a even larger amount of equity in their homes. To get a true value or level of equity feel free to reach out to a local Real Estate Agent or Appraiser.

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