There are a few indicators as to where the real estate appreciation rate is going and how to create wealth with your home and with investment properties. Here is what we predict for the coming year.
Using your Tax Refund to purchase a home. Down payment, closing costs, expenses, and a list of tips and how to make this work for you.
Today in the real estate market we are seeing an amazing absorption rate so low that a lot of buyers are feeling the squeeze of an imbalanced market. Don't worry we will walk you through the process to help you destress the home buying process.
Troy Sage Buying A Home
What you need to know and how to budget when Buying a Home. Put it all together and get the home of your dreams with a Budget. Protecting your cash on hand.
Effectively using your BAH – Base Housing Allowance If you’re active Military you can use your Base Housing Allowance to […]
New Construction Troy Sage
What You Need To Know if You’re Thinking About Building a Home If you’re ready to move up, you may be […]
Is your Dream Home available and For Sale Today? Homes are quickly being purchased.