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About Troy Sage

“My number one goal is to help as many people achieve their real estate goals and dreams as possible. Not only do I like to help people buy and sell real estate, but I also love helping agents build their business and provide the best
service possible to their clients.”


At a young age Troy chose the path of becoming an expert in the field of Real Estate. His passion to help people achieve their real estate goals and dreams is what drives Troy daily. “It’s all about being of service and at the same
time continually learning and watching the market so I can provide the most accurate information possible”, this is Troy’s philosophy.

His passion and service-oriented business has allowed him to help home sellers and home buyers across the country. Always being of service and keeping his finger on the pulse of the real estate market has allowed Troy to become one
of the most successful real estate brokers in the industry. “My business is helping people, and my language just happens to be Real Estate”, Troy says, “Every person has a dream and a goal, it’s my job to help them live their dream
and achieve their goals.”


As Troy built his business he ran out of hours in the day, which lead Troy to building his first real estate team. “By building a team of agents with the same philosophy I can help more people achieve their goals and assure home sellers
and buyers are getting the same service I provide” says Troy, “It’s important that all my team members work hard, are rooted with integrity, and provide unsurpassed service”.

Troy is not only a team leader, but he also remains active in the business allowing his leadership to be based on the real estate market of today. “I remain active in the business, so I know what’s happening in the market. Too many
times I’ve experienced team leaders that remove themselves from the business and lose track of the current market. If I remain teachable, understand what our clients need, then I can help my team of agents provide the best service


With a passion to help others it is only natural for Troy to share his knowledge and experiences. Troy brings his designations and teaching experiences of CDPD, SFR, and e-Pro, plus his expertise of building successful teams across
the country to Real Estate Success Coaching and Training.

Real estate success coaching is a perfect fit for Troy. “The training we provide is not your typical coaching. First, we are active in the business, we are not coaches that may have never sold real estate, we teach agents the latest
marketing techniques, provide them the tools they need to succeed, and we truly mentor our students. In a business filled with coaches, we take things a step further and teach our students how to build their business, create generational
wealth, all while loving what they are doing”.


With an abundance of information and the beauty of the internet, Troy can help others via his two podcasts.

Real Estate Talk is the flagship podcast in which Troy discusses the local market, what’s happening in Real Estate across the country, and insights into the inner workings of the real estate industry. Troy also interviews special guests
giving his listeners a variety of real estate knowledge.

Real Estate Success Coaching and Training podcast is Troy’s ability to keep real estate agents informed on market trends, the latest in technology, and most important he discusses the best practices for agents to build their business
with marketing, integrity, and life balance.